What is a Will?

What is a Will?
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A Will directs smooth transition of your assets when you are not around. It is a legal document that sets forth your wishes regarding the distribution of your property and becomes irrevocable upon your death.

In California, there are three types of Wills. Regardless of what type of Will you use, the will should be solely yours and not a joint will with your spouse, registered domestic partner or anyone else.


This is also called hand-written Will and must be completely written in your own handwriting. The Will must be dated and signed by you. The Will has to be legible, and must clearly state what you intend to leave and to whom. A holographic will does not need to be notarized or witnessed.


This is a “fill-in-the-blanks” Will form. This will form is designed for the people with relatively small estates. This can be downloaded from the internet or most legal websites.


An experienced Estate Planning attorney can advise you about a number of ways your assets can be transferred to and for the benefit of your heirs. An attorney can make sure that the Will conforms to the California Law. The State of California has unique laws about what constitutes a valid will and how one should be executed, therefore, it is highly recommended that one must consult a qualified Estate Planning attorney when contemplating about making a Will.
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